We  have a deep reverence and respect for our land and we tend it in a way that keeps it healthy and bountiful. We go beyond organic standards and do not use any pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic fertilizers anywhere on our property. Our permanent raised garden beds are never tilled, which preserves soil carbon, organic matter, and moisture. In turn, this allows beneficial soil bacteria, fungi, and earthworms to thrive. We use drip irrigation and liberal amounts of mulch to conserve water. We believe that this care of the land translates into vegetables with superior nutrition and flavor.

Part of our mission at Juicy Roots is to create a rich, diverse habitat that attracts and hosts as many native insect species and pollinators as possible. This passive form of insect management allows Nature to do what it does best and keep populations in balance. We plant flowers in our gardens and leave our native weeds to flower just for them. We also house a growing number of bee hives for pollination (and enjoyment) purposes.

For our family, we raise chickens and ducks for eggs and lamb for meat. As we move their paddocks in a rotational grazing manner, their manure enriches the soil. These practices help “close the loop,” making our farm more sustainable and self-sufficient.

We are so honored to be farming in North Florida and sharing the fruits of our labor with our Jacksonville community. Thanks to your support, we are able to provide jobs, educational opportunities, and strengthen our efforts towards nurturing a healthier Earth.